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Our test and contract coating services give you access to Yasui Seiki's state-of-the-art, precision thin film coating machines equipped with patented MICROGRAVURE™ and slot die coating systems.

We provide high quality thin and uniform coating services to major corporations around the world. Our unique technology and know-how was cultivated by Yasui Seiki's profound knowledge in coating machines and Labo Japan's extensive experience in coating techniques.

Microgravure coating
Slot die coating
Slot die coating
SG-700 coating
Battery electrode coating


Yasui Seiki's patented MICROGRAVURE™ technology has been the answer to many years of struggle for numerous companies in the world. Our perfectly aligned, well orchestrated coating machines can create products no other machine can. If you are looking for thin, stable and uniform coating, look no further. Coat with us!

  • Seven coating machines with various features and widths
  • Class 1000 & 3000 clean rooms
  • Onsite mixing
  • Onsite chemical and coating consulation
  • Consultation with a Senior Coating Engineer from Labo Japan
  • As little as 2 hrs to half a day service

You can also send us materials and we can coat without your presence.


Coating Method MICROGRAVURE™, slot die
Solutions Aqueous and solvent (MEK, IPA, Acetone, Toluene, Methanol, Heptane, etc.)
Viscosity MICROGRAVURE™: up to 200cP
Slot die: 100cP and above
Coating Thickness (wet) MICROGRAVURE™: 1-80 μm
Slot die: 20 μm and above
Substrates Film
Substrate Width 10 to 1600 mm
Line Speed 0.2 to 50 m/min
Drying Hot air, flowing dryers
UV Cure Available
Corona Treatment Available
Dry Lamination Available

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