Special Offers

Half Day and 2hr Services Now Available!

Yasui Seiki-MIRWEC is now offering a half day and 2-hr services to provide easier access to our machines for new customers. The coating trials can be accompanied or can be conducted remotely. Just send us your materials and we'll make a sample for you.

Free Consultation

Yasui Seiki-MIRWEC now offers free consultation service by one of the most experienced coating engineers from Labo, Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Takeshi Chakihara

Takeshi Chakihara

Material Scientist, M.S. in Material Science and Engineering, Nagasaki University. Joined Labo Co., Ltd., Yasui Seiki’s R&D Center in Japan in 1999. Labo is known for its state-of-the-art coating facility, and specializes in contract R&D and sample production for major corporations around the world. Takeshi Chakihara oversees many of the contracts as the lead material scientist and the coating engineer. He has extensive coating experience in next generation battery coating, Li-ion battery components, optical coatings, such as AR coating, hard coating, diffusion films, etc., printed electronics, such as MLCC, dry film, and block copolymer templates.

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